A Variety of Trainings to Meet Your Needs

Customer Service


This facilitation takes participants through the joys and horrors of the customer experience.  It includes a look at internal customers from the front-line employee to theC-Level Executive, suppliers, the end user and the unusual suspects affected by our attitudes and operatives.  This lively, inspiring and eye-opening session is sure to inspire better behavior and lead to better business.

DiSC Assessments     

Used for hiring, personal and professional development, DiSC is a behavioral assessment that gives participants the tools to become more effective with others.  Learn your dominant behavioral style, how style behaves under stress and in conflict.  Toni’s in-person debrief of the online assessment with groups gives participants the insight and experience to speak the language of each style in a manner that get results. Basic DiSC Logo


Attract more people and greater support to your organization by developing a culturally competent and inclusive environment.  This session explores what Cultural Competence, World View, and Generational Differences specifically mean to your organization.

Leadership Development

Leaership team ToniLRDevelop your leadership skills through the experiences and anecdotes of leaders who are hailed as rock stars.  Leadership topics of focus include: Leadership Styles, Your Style, Coaching for Success, Managing Difficult Conversations, Developing High Potential Leaders, Strategic Planning, Community Engagement, Board Development, and “I Hope Someone Is Following“.  The sessions are interactive, informative and engaging.


It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know.  It’s not just who you know, it’s who knows you.  It’s not just who knows you, it’s who you know knows and what who knows you knows about you.”  In this lively, highly interactive session, participants will learn the art of networking and develop an effective strategy for building better relationships with others.

Temperament Basics

Explore the four temperament patterns: Dolphin, Beaver, Fox and Owl.  Identify strengths and weaknesses for each temperament.  Identify your temperament.  Discover, through experiential activities how the temperaments among the group affect the dynamics within the team.

 Team Building

Toni&groupThese sessions use a host of interactive experiential learning activities to help teams bond and build trust.  Explore and test the boundaries of team assets and team dynamics.    Identify personal and group ownership in this ‘challenge by choice.  Each experiential activity, indoor and outdoor is geared toward developing team trust, competence and cohesive relationships.