Client Feedback 

“I’ve utilized Toni as a trainer and consultant for Clark State for over 10 years.  She is the most positive presenter I’ve ever met.  Toni’s is upbeat, passionate and full of tantalizing tidbits that take my clients to the next level of engagement.  Her preparation for each engagement creates a customized solution for my clients every time. Her evaluations are always excellent, so if you need a motivational speaker, trainer or consultant I would highly recommend her.”  Duane Hodge, Director, Workforce Development, Clark State Community College


Toni’s energy keeps people engaged and she provides an interactive environment. She empowered my team with strategies they could use on a daily basis. Her accommodating approach and excellent questions enabled her to identify our needs and enhance our outcomes. My team really enjoyed her and want more…” Todd Tuney, Executive Director, City Year Columbus

“Toni is on par with some of the top level nationally known speakers.  She is energetic and engaging and always working on her craft.  She pushes herself and others to excel and her audiences love her. “ Kendall Isaac, Attorney and Law Professor

“Toni is able to cut across all levels of people, both in income, and ethnicity, and be effective in her presentations. She has worked for us in a number of programs and each time the feedback has been wonderful. From professionals to low income women and men, her audiences appreciate her open, enthusiastic style. She is very detailed in her preparation and really customizes her content. She led a retreat with a challenging group and through interaction and games, was able to get them to open up. I was pleased and surprised to see everyone participating fully. She always exceeded my goals and expectations for each  program she has led.” Deborah Watson, City of Detroit, Detroit Workforce Development Department

“What I like best about Toni is her boundless energy and enthusiasm.  She has presented for us many, many times and she gets you motivated to take action and challenges you to move forward toward meeting your goals.  Her insight and perspective on leadership are very valuable and she is a joy to work with.” Joan Bird, Executive Director, Leadership Worthington


“Toni Teague is first-rate.  She is a high-energy presenter, creative, knowledgeable, passionate and engaging–equally good with an audience of kids or an audience of adults. She tells humorous stories taking on the persona of her character and gets her point across. She is also loyal and committed. On one occasion, with only 40 minutes notice, she stepped in when our keynoter did not arrive.  She was able to think on her feet, motivate the audience and capture their interest for the day’s upcoming events. She stayed calm under pressure and helped us overcome a difficult situation. All these skills show why she always receives high scores on her evaluations.” Marilyn Pritchett, Director, Mentoring Center of Central Ohio

“Toni is a great individual and a true professional. She is both very knowledgeable about her subject matter and very personable. She looks for the common thread with others and enables them to relate well to her. Toni brings a wealth of expertise to her programs and shares many different stories to illustrate her key points. She gets right to the core issues and her worksheets are concise. Her optimistic attitude, coupled with her relaxed and confident style, create a sense of trust with her audiences. She is clearly sincere about wanting to improve the process,department or agency and her audiences react very positively to her presentations. “ Reginald Johnson, Asst. Director of Human Resources, Ohio Secretary of State’s Office TOni&MLKorateurs

“What impresses me about Toni are her high energy, her follow- through and her initiative. Our participants always rave about Toni’s energy; her enthusiasm sparks their interest. She definitely knows how to engage them and keep them enjoying her programs. She’s very thorough, and does her homework to customize our programs. She represents us with excellence and I value her a great deal.” Judy Dwyer, Director, Business and Industry Institute of Ohio State/ Central Ohio Technical College