Testimonial on Attitude


2013-01-14 14:59:19 by Toni

This is my very first blog.  What better way to get to know someone than to have them share a little piece of their lives? So, here goes:

My oldest son is the topic of today’s testimonial on the power of a good attitude.  He is a second year college student and major contributor to the financing of his education.  Having made headway from his first year, he now has a better understanding of what a sizeable financial investment his college education is.  The experience of bearing the financial burden of his own journey finds him demonstrating that he appreciates the value of a dollar.

Last week I did the typical mom check-in by texting him a “Hey. How are you doing?” “Fine,” he text back. Near the end of our text conversation I asked “How are you doing in the money department?”  He responded “Ok. I have $20 bucks.”  Remembering that he was just starting a new job on campus and had at least ten more days until payday I replied “$20? Are you going to be okay?” “Yep.” He said.  “It’s enough to keep me happy until I get paid.” Twenty dollars in today’s economy will not get you as far as it did twenty years ago.  For a young college student to say that they can be happy with $20 for ten days is an anomaly within itself.  All I could say to myself was “What an amazing attitude.”


You probably have atestimonial like this or you are close to someone who does.  The personaltestimonial of having a good attitude in the midst of some impending challenges is another testimonial to strength of character.  I’ll bet that there was a part of him that wanted to say “I’m almost broke. What am I going to do?” or “Mom, can you bail me out.”  Instead, he was prepared to make do with what he has and be happy with it.  The lesson for me here is remembering to have enough faith in my ability to make do while working on getting to next.


If you haven’t done so lately, give yourself an attitude testimonial.  Celebrate what you have versus being hindered by what you have not.  Remember there is no testimony without a test.  In my son’s case, he passed a test he didn’t even know he was taking.  While I wasn’t personally testing him, life was.  As parents we see our children face potential challenges and want to remove all obstacles out of their way.  The reality is, for them to become who whey are destined to be they must find ways to resolve many of their challenges on their own.  My son’s response to his challenge reinforced to me that his good nature does prevail even amid challenging times.  It also made me want to go the extra mile and do more for him.


A couple of days later I went to see him spend a little time with him.  His low coffers received an unexpected contribution from me before I drove home.  His disposition serves as testimonial to the power of a good attitude.



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