An Energetic, Engaging Speaker- A Rare Blend of Compassion and Master

Toni Teague is a rare speaker whose energy and passion enable her to breakthrough barriers ToniTeaguewithmicLRand inspire others to action. A bilingual speaker (English and Spanish,) Toni’s open, authentic approach combines humor and stories to impact others. Weaving threads of hope to any audience, from corporate executives to underemployed citizens, Toni motivates audiences to look inside and make changes.

Custom Programs

All of Toni’s programs are designed with the specific audience in mind.  She spends time getting to know the company, organization or audience in advance and works closely with event organizers to ensure the best possible outcome for the attendees.

Keynote Topics

Threads of Excellence: Customer Service Triad

Innovative products differentiate companies. Innovative mindsets sustain success. Lack of customer focus ensures failure. Investing in the attitudes and needs of both the internal and external customer ensures that your organization will survive constant change. This session addresses the three most valuable assets in-depth: the Internal Customer, the External Customer, and the Company Mindset.

Weaving Your Tapestry: Creating Balance™


Why do some people have it ‘all together’ while others appear to be ‘coming apart at the seams?’ Balancing work, family, and all of the intricate facets that go with it can be challenging but it can be done. This positive, fast-paced session provides practical tools for weaving balance, and establishing and maintaining a great network to help you attain it.

Rainbows of Wisdom: Lessons in Diversity™

Inclusion is about leadership capitalizing on every thread of talent. Learn how a PDLDay1LRcompany’s focus on diversity can greatly influence employee loyalty and performance. A unique inclusion process enables participants to reach their potential and achieve greater success. The Fabric of Success: Managing Change™ Change can be wonderful or painful. The attitude, process and approach an organization and its people take in managing change deter-mine the outcomes. This interactive learning program assists participants in welcoming change and weaving a successful corporate tapestry.